When Would I Need a New Crown?
December 02, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental crowns and bridges protect teeth from previous damage. A crown’s lifespan will vary between a minimum of 8 years or longer depending on the care that is put in to treat them. Dr. Stephen Lukin, Dr. Mark Lukin, and Dr. Laura Lukin of Lukin Family Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX provide you with the information needed on a replacement for crowns and bridges. 

Signs To Replace Your Dental Crown 

Receding Gums 

If gums are not properly cared for by routine brushing and flossing then they will begin to recede. Gums recede due to bacteria that are caught underneath if not cleansed. A crown has a higher risk of receding gums since the bacteria will store itself underneath the crown. Likewise, if gums have receded in a short amount of time post-crown placement, then the crown might have been placed incorrectly. If you begin to see signs of receding gums around your crown or bridge make an appointment with your dentist. 

Redness and Swelling 

Redness and swelling are large indicators of replacing a crown. The crown will wear down over time and begin to irritate your gums or tooth underneath the crown. If there is pain during eating or if the tooth is sensitive to cold, then the crown may be bothering the tooth. The crown will cause harm to the already damaged tooth and you will need to seek a dentist if your skin appears red or begins to swell near the crown area. 

Damaged Crown

Crowns and bridges will go through a natural process of wear and tear but some crowns will have irreversible damage if not properly taken care of. For example, grinding teeth at night or during the day will have the same effects on the crown just like the rest of your natural teeth. Grinding will break down the crown if a nightguard is not worn or if grinding is not taken control of throughout the day. 

The crown may also appear to look damaged. A crown is meant to look like the rest of your teeth without any noticeable difference. If the crown begins to look worn down the metal may begin to show. If the crown is old enough it will begin to show its age. 

There are many ways to prevent early damage to your crown. Proper oral hygiene will help keep the crown’s lifespan long and durable. You should see a dentist to find out more information about crowns and bridges here in Sugar Land, TX. 

Lukin Family Dentistry 

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